Dr. Sarah Eaton

Professor, Author and Researcher

Dr. Sarah Eaton - Professor, Author and Researcher

Secrets Ghandi Knew About Learning Languages

Regular readers of this blog know about my passion for connecting language learning to leadership. I truly believe that language learning helps us to improve our leadership skills, understand others with a deeper sense of compassion and see the world in wiser ways. I am inspired by the work of Gandhi, who was a strong advocate of learning second and foreign languages.

Here’s a reprint of an article that was published on the topic. It was originally published in Zephyr, the newsletter of the Second Languages and Intercultural Council (SLIC) of the Alberta Teachers’ Association. It is reprinted here with permission:
Gandhi and Language Promotion (Zephyr 2009)

Fall Webinar Courses – A Peek Behind the Scenes

Over the past few weeks I’ve been busy putting together a live training program on How To Build Your Own Webinars. The live seminar will be offered in Calgary in the fall. Depending on how successful it is, I may offer it in other cities, too. It’s a 12-hour course, offered over four Monday nights. The objective is to have participants develop a webinar that they can then deliver to an audience. I’m super pumped about this and I can’t wait to teach this course!

I’ve had a few people out of town ask me if I do the training program online. So, I’ve started building it. That means planning a curriculum for each online course and integrating those courses into an overall program. I’ve spent my entire career in education and program planning. One of my strengths is that I can clearly envision an entire program and then build it. I also know that to do that well takes time, thought and organization. I take a systematic approach when I build a program. Each piece has to integrate with the other pieces perfectly. The various courses must make sense individually and together, as an integrated program.

Each course must have clear objectives and outcomes. I’ve learned how to strike that elusive balance between making my courses content rich, engaging and not promising too much. I need to know exactly how much material I can cover in a given time — and also include some time for fun and interaction.

Some of the courses I’ve come up with so far for this new online program are:

Check out the course descriptions and let me know what you think!

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Exceptional Webinars Made Easy: Book Trailer

Many of you know me as a language teacher and literacy advocate, with a love of leadership and all things tech.

Over the past several months, I’ve been working on a book manuscript to help non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs and small businesses learn how to develop, produce and deliver webinars for both promotion and training purposes. The result is Exceptional Webinars Made Easy. It is a step-by-step manual that guides you through the development of a webinar. It is currently available as a Kindle e-book and will be published as a paperback by the end of the year.

This preview includes the Table of Contents (to show you what is in the rest of the book), the Introduction, and a few pages from the end of the book.

Thanks to everyone who has given me some great feedback on the book! If you’re so inclined, I’d be grateful for a positive review on Amazon.com

Exceptional Webinars Made Easy – Book Preview

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Dr. Sarah takes complex or overwhelming ideas and makes them simple. She empowers audiences to maximize their leadership potential by demonstrating how to incorporate a few small changes that make a big difference in their management and marketing principles.